“It Has Honestly Changed My Life” – Meet Jabz Franchisee Kim Pinzini

September 25, 2020 8:51 pm

Meet Kim Pinzini, owner of Jabz Pinnacle Peak. Kim, who worked as a dental hygienist for more than 28 years, moved from Tennessee to Arizona 18 years ago. Little did she know that when a new Jabz studio opened right across the street from her in North Scottsdale, it would completely change her career – and her life!

When asked why she wanted to become a Jabz franchisee, Kim credits the boutique fitness concept’s transformative workout and tight-knit culture.

“I was a bit intimidated at first [trying Jabz], being 50 and being in average shape. I thought I might be ‘too old,’” Kim tells VoyagePhoenix. “Little did I know how addicted I would become. My body changed super quickly. I became stronger, more toned than ever before and had so much more energy. I was hooked.”

When the location’s original owner decided to move out of state and sell the business, Kim stepped up. “At that moment, I knew I wanted a career change,” Kim continues. “Within three months, I was the new proud owner of Jabz Boxing Pinnacle Peak. It honestly has changed my life. The culture and community that we have built here is amazing.”

Kim handles most of the day-to-day tasks of running the business herself, from payroll and books to scheduling, social media and more. While business ownership isn’t always easy, Kim explains that “struggles are what you make of them.” She is accompanied by several trainers that help lead the classes and is also a Certified Personal Trainer herself, helping individuals outside of Jabz.

When Kim first found Jabz, she had recently started a sales rep position with a dental and medical software company. Her robust experience in the dental industry and ability to build strong relationships have helped her succeed with Jabz.

“I was an educator and basically a ‘sales’ person my whole career,” Kim explains. “The comradery of the women at the Jabz Pinnacle Peak location is something I’ve never experienced before. When I took over this location nearly four years ago, we almost doubled our members in a few short months. I am very personable with each client and know all of them.”

Jabz franchisees come from all walks of life – you don’t need a background in fitness or boxing to grow with our brand! With her passion, commitment and connection to the concept, Kim is a stellar example of what we look for in ideal franchise candidates. We search for those who desire to take a hands-on approach in managing their business while staying involved in the local community. Whether you’ve been in fitness for years or are looking to make a complete career switch, our team empowers you to succeed through an intensive training program and strong franchisee support.

“Watching my clients at Jabz make new friends, become stronger and more confident is my biggest success,” says Kim. “My soul is full every time I walk through the door.”

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